Having Choices
is important in investing

We believe investors' plans should change as their lifestyles and needs do. Through Raymond James investors are offered an extensive array of investment alternatives and services.

  • Financial Planning:  The financial markets are as complex as your changing needs. Our philosophy is to take  a personalized approach and to get you started as early as possible, giving you a greater opportunity for growth.
  • Asset Allocation: Rather than devoting all of your assets to one sector, you select different types of investments with the goal of generating a more consistent, positive return through the years.  
  • Asset Management:  Through our relationship with Raymond James, we offer personal asset management of your portfolio
  • Retirement Planning:   Creating a comprehensive map to retirement starts with analyzing your needs, whether they are for you or your small business. We work with you to identify your goals and then make adjustments through the years to keep your plan on track.
  • Estate Planning: By determining the people and charitable causes you'd like to help, you have control over how the wealth you've accumulated through your life is distributed.
  • College Planning: Whether your child is 10 months or 10 years old, careful strategy is necessary with the rising cost of education. Consider investment options and tax benefits while preparing for your child's future.
  • Identity Theft:  The best way to deal with identity theft is to never become a victim in the first place. The more you know, the better you can protect yourself.


We combine an understanding of the retirement planning needs facing those
investing for retirement with specific strategies designed to address those needs.

Investment strategy-01.jpg

Core Investment Management includes:

Goals and Objectives
Net-Worth Analysis
Cash-Flow Analysis
Asset Allocation
Portfolio Performance

Financial Planning includes Core Investment Management plus:

•Retirement Needs
Distribution Strategies
Education Funding Strategies
Survivor Needs
Disability Coverage
Long-Term Care
Estate Planning


Comprehensive Wealth Management includes all the above plus:

•Conservation of Wealth

Trust Integration
Charitable Giving Tax Strategies*
•Business Planning
Executive Compensation
     – Deferred Compensation
     – Stock Options
     – Concentrated Equity Positions

*Raymond James does not provide tax advice.